Bonang Matheba is a businesswoman, television presenter, award ceremony host and the ambassador of Revlon cosmetic in sub Saharan Africa.

She is the first black woman to grace the covers of Glamour Magazine in South Africa. With such success under her belt she went to Namibia to inspire others.

Key Points

  1.  Bonang flew to Namibia for the first time where she was sharing her story of success. She was hosted by Jossy Nghipandua on Masters of Sucess.
  2. Bonang says she was born on 25 June, 1987 in Mafikeng in the North West Province.
  3. Her parents divorced when she was five and she left Mafikeng with her mother to go live in Johannesburg.
  4. Growing up she was poor thus they stayed in Hillbrow. Hillbrow is known for its violence and guns.
  5. Bonang is Catholic and she attended Dominican Convent.
  6. Her mother was a nurse so her upbringing was simple.
  7. At the age of 9 Bonang’s dream was to be a pre-school teacher.
  8. Bonang says while in Grade 9 she saw Vinolia Mashigo on Tv and from there she was inspired.
  9. From there she enrolled for a presenting course.
  10. She could not find a vacancy to enrol at the University of Johannesburg for an English teaching course.
  11. Bonang believes that in the entertainment industry, education is not that important.
  12. Bonang teamed up with Woolworths and they came up with an amazing concept of lingerie.
  13. Bonang says she wouldn’t allow her daughter to be in the entertainment industry.
  14. She was doing 9 auditions a day and at one point she was doing 20 auditions a month and she was not being hired.
  15. Her first car was a Mini Copper.
  16. Bonang had graced a lot of red carpet events and she had killed most of them.
  17. She hired a dress that costs R190 000 rands for a red carpet event.
  18. Her top three achievements in the entertainment industry are joining Metro Fm, being the ambassador of Revlon and starting her production company.
  19. She is paying fees for girls at the University of Johannesburg.
  20. In 2013 she landed herself in the Forbes list.
  21. She realised that she is now Queen B, when a group of young girls approached her and told her that she is the reason why they wake up and smile everyday.
  22. Bonang says she loves her mother and she will always strive to make her proud.
  23. She looks up to Basetsana Kumalo.
  24. Bonang Matheba says she wants to be remembered as a hard-working person.