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A-Reece Pays Tribute To Ricky Rick In Swaziland.

A-Reece has paid tribute to Ricky Rick. During his performance in Swaziland, he sang a song in honor of the late Ricky Rick. A-Reece made his...

A-Reece 5 Year Plan Officially Certified.

A-Reece 5 Year Plan has been officially certified. The song has been awarded gold on the 29th of June 2021. It is revealed that the single...

Did Areece Respond To Priddy Ugly’s Diss?

Areece recent album Tuff Luck has been said to be a response to Priddy Ugly's diss on him. The two artists have been fighting against...

Sjava Says A-Reece Is A Good Hip-Hop Rapper.

Sjava has opened up about his relationship with A-Reece. In an Instagram live, he said he hasn't seen Reece for a long time. However, he said...

Elaine Unfollows Areece On Instagram, Fans Complain.

Elaine Unfollows Areece On Instagram. A-Reece fans are some of the most loyal fans in South Africa. They are always on top of any news that...

MashBeatz Drops First Project With A-Reece.

MashBeatz has announced to drop first project with A-Reece after a long time. The news was announced on their Twitter account. MashBeatz said pre-order for the...

MashBeatz And A-Reece Are Back Together. 

SA Hip Hop fans took to twitter to share their shock and confusion upon noticing that MashBeatz and A-Reece are back together. The two have...

Sjava Says Hip-hop Rapper Saudi Is More Lyrical Than A-Reece. 

SAMA nominated Sjava always stands up for his industry peers and compliments them whenever he feels necessary. As much he is a entertainer himself, he...
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