Porta Potty has been trending since last week on Twitter. This is something that women allegedly do in exchange of money or gifts.

The idea is that these young girls let others especially men excrete on them to receive huge sums of money, designer bags, shoes and other materialistic items.

Some influencers have shared with their followers how they get the money to finance their lavish lifestyles.

Rich men take Instagram influencers and models for s_exual practices and parties at lavish and expensive hotels and yatches.


It involves pouring of se_men on faces of these models and at times the men poo all over the girls.

A lady who confessed revealed that these rich men hated their boring wives and thus they are willing to pay anything for crazy s_ex fetishes.

She said she had to sleep with 20 rich men in two days for US$40 000. She also revealed that they dumped poo and urinated on her on several occasions.

Another lady who confessed revealed that she was taken on a luxury yatch for two days. She said they poured s_emen on her before peeing on her.

She added that on the second day another man had intercourse with her before he excreted poo on her chest.

Some of the poo went into her mouth, she said. Watch the video below.

Warning the video is not of good nature!!