City Press reports that wealthy Deloitte Deputy CEO, Mcginisihlalo Jordan, is set to marry model and social media influencer, Meagan Gallie as his second wife.

The newspaper revealed that Jordan is already married to his first wife, Melisiwe, with whom he has two kids. Melisiwe was not aware of Jordan’s plan to marry Meagan.

She only became aware of the relationship after Meagan personally called her and told her she was pregnant with her husband ‘s baby.

Jordan met Meagan in Cape Town in 2016, with whom he has been in a stable relationship ever since, and has reportedly bought her a mansion in Waterfall City, Midrand after he moved her to Johannesburg.


Jordan is  also reported to have bought Meagan an Audi A3 when she told him she was pregnant. He paid Lobola for her in 2021 and took her to the Maldives for her birthday.

Jordan, who is head over heels in love with Megan, has ignored numerous attempts by his family to talk about the love triangle. He has also not said what his plans are for Melisiwe.

Please see more pictures of Meagan showing off her pregnancy below: