City Press newspaper has revealed details of how comedian,  Tumelo ‘Stopnonsons’ Matila (10) assaulted his ex-girlfriend   Thando Ngemane, at her flat.

Tumelo spent three nights in police cells before he was released on 2000 bail on Friday.

He allegedly entered the complex without being given access by Thando after bribing the guards at the gate.


On arrival, he found Thando and her friend, Tsolofelo Kgosimotho, who was with her boyfriend,  The Soil band member, Phindo Ngxanga.

Tumelo assaulted all three until Tsolofelo pressed the panic button. When the guards arrived,  Tumelo is reported to have pointed a gun at the three.

Tumelo was dumped by Thando last week after she caught him cheating.

Tumelo will appear in court again on the 13th of September.

Tumelo is a presenter on the SABC 1 show, iKasi Lami.

Please read the full story in today’s City Press newspaper – 13 August 2023.