South African, Xolani Fongo, has been stuck in Thailand for months after falling victim to a job scam.

Fongo was offered a job in November 2022 by a  Chinese company called Huilong Technology, through a man called John Thomas who approached him on pnet.

On arrival in Thailand, Fongo was taken to Myanmar where he was forced to work on a scam that targeted wealthy USA men.

After escaping from Thailand, Fongo went to Cambodia where he was also involved in a job that turned out to be a scam.


Writing on his Facebook page, Fongo said:

Good Evening people, I just to enlighten you on more details: Last year December I seek for help through the Free State Premier’s Office and my situation didn’t receive much attention. February 2023 I went to South African Embassy in Bangkok,Thailand and they told me I should ask for help through friends and family and I even asked for help through Masilonyana Mayor and I didn’t received much help. In March I was in a desperate situation as my got expired by the 3rd of March. 6 days later some agent guy rescued me and pay for my overstay, hostel fees and brought me to Cambodia .

He made me a tourist visa for one month and introduced me to a Chinese Compound and things got worst. My target there was once I got paid I’m gonna resign and buy a flight ticket. It didn’t happen by the time I left that place I didn’t even get a penny and they didn’t renew my visa. They also told me once that place,I’m on my own so I left the area to go to Phnom Penh,the capital city of Cambodia.

During my stay there; I went to International Office of Red Cross, UNHRC and IOM and the status is still on pending. I later wrote an email to South African Embassy in Vietnam but the referred to the one in Thailand. Yesterday I wasn’t able to make payments for accommodation and one Chinese company helped me to settle the bill and as of now I’m currently within the premises of that company to buy some time. In total I overstay for 70 days and it’s 10usd/day approximately R183. The flight ticket cost $518 as of Friday. The total costs will roughly be around R33000 so who so ever who is willing to contribute here’s my account.

1282183565 Capitec Bank Xolani Sidwell Fongo

Fongo says all attempts to get assistance from the South African embassies have failed.

He shared correspondence between himself and the embassies and is currently getting assistance from wellwishers.