Moses Tembe has revealed details of AKA’s underworld connections in an application to the NPA, which he sent in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act that in October.

The application comes after Tembe wrote at least five letters to the NPA demanding that they act on evidence that showed that AKA carried Anele and threw her over the balcony on the day she died.

In the application, Tembe reveals that soon after the death of Anele Tembe at the Pepper Club  Hotel, AKA phoned a number of Cape Town underworld families, but did not phone the police.

The City Press newspaper reports that Tembe had written another letter, three weeks before the death of AKA, in which he demanded that the NPA in Cape Town releases the docket of the investigation.


Tembe also revealed that AKA only made a call to the reception after Anele had already landed on the ground.

Ron Steffanutto, a witness in the room next to Anele and AKA on the day, told investigators that he heard Anele screaming for AKA to leave her alone, moments before she plunged down the side of the hotel and died.

Steffanutto said he ran down and performed CPR on Anele.

In the application, Tembe revealed that blood was found in the room and scratch marks on AKA’s back were defensive marks in an upward direction, indicating that AKA was carrying Anele on his back while she was trying to defend herself.

Please read today’s City Press Newspaper for more details – 19 Feb 2023.