A South African man, Mjabuliseni Sibiya (64), from Ulundi, KZN, killed his two sons Mthabi (34) and Themba(39) before killing himself in a fit of rage on Sartuday 28 May 2022.

Sibiya was angered after his son Gola (32) bought a bed for his mother Sizakele (58).

When his other sons and neighbors tried to calm him down, Sibiya took out his gun and shot all his sons (Gola, Themba, Mthabi and Minenhle (28), and their mother (Sizakele).

Gola explained that he bought a bed for his mother and when it was delivered, his father, Sibiya was at church.


On his return, Sibiya told Gola that he did not want the bed in his house. When the other brothers tried to talk to him, Sibiya started chasing them with a stick.

A neighbor who tried to intervene, Musawenkosi Sikakane (44), was also shot by Sibiya.

Sizakele, Musawenkosi and Gola are still in the ICU of a local hospital, while Gola managed to escape the shooting unharmed after he ran into the bushes during the massacre.