Veteran gospel musician Rebecca Malope revealed on her Twitter account that she had been disrespected and was in need of prayers to heal her heart.

This was after she was told to fu*k off by Bucy Radebe’s manager and husband Thapelo Thoboke.

Thoboke released a statement apologising and detailing what had happened.

Rebecca Malope has her side of the story and has not yet forgiven what Thoboke said was a misunderstanding.


The statement said nothing about telling her to f*ck off which is something that broke her heart.

Rebecca said she honoured Bucy’s request to record a song with her. She also showed up for reversals and honoured the invite to the main show.

She revealed that as she was about to sing, she was told that Thapelo had called her.

When she went to the backstage he shouted at her and asked who had told her to go on stage.

Rebecca added that Thapelo went on to say if she didn’t want to do as he said then she must fu*k off.