A 29 year old teacher from South Africa was found dead in her apartment in Shanghai, China last week.

An examination of her body is still to be conducted but South African officials said Noma’s passing had nothing to do with the tough lockdown in China.

Ever since receiving the sad news Noma’s family is devastated. Her family is still waiting for the Chinese government before they can make burial arrangements.

Noma left South Africa in 2017 for a teaching  job in China. She had struggled to find work in Mzansi after attaining a BA in Industrial Sociology.


Her mother Nombulelo said Noma kept in contact with the family via mobile phones. They would gather together virtually for their Sunday service at 5pm.

However on Sunday 17 April Noma was nowhere to be seen. They tried contacting her on April 18 but couldn’t reach her.

The family has not yet been informed of the cause of her passing.