A video of Porta Potty conspiracies has been trending on Twitter for the past three days.

It is alleged that rich men fly women to Dubai for unusual s_ex exchanges. These include women fulfilling unusual s_ex fetishes of rich men in exchange for money.

In the trending video a man releaves himself by defecating into a woman’s mouth and face. A rich man from Dubai has made a video explaining the situation.

The man said the fetish is not very common amongst people from that country. The businessman said he does not enjoy defecating on other people’s faces.


He added that the statements are racist as they are generalising everyone from that side to have such fetishes.

He went further to say, he knows many rich families from that side and they have never done such disgusting activities.

He also mentioned that the video might be biased and it could be a lie. There is no evidence that it happened in Dubai.