The body of Neo Mahlangu (16), has been discovered buried in the backyard of his aunt, Andile Aalivilah (36) ‘s rented house in Tsakane after she beat him up and killed him when he visited for the weekend.

Neo Mahlangu was killed by his aunt Andile Aalivirah when he visited her in Tsakane. His body was buried at the backyard of the house that Andile  has been rentimg since 2017

According to police sources, the Andile reported Neo missing on 24 March 2022.

Neo, who lived in Daveyton, had visited Andile , who lived with her 14 year old son in Tsakane, on the weekend of 19 to 21 March.

Neo was a regular visitor to his Andile’s and it is not clear what caused her to beat him up and kill him on this occasion.


Andile’s 14 year old son has been placed in the care of relatives as he is also said to have participated in the murder.

Andile Aalivirah Mthembu, an estate agent, has been arrested for the murder of  Neo Mahlangu (16) whom she beat up with the help of her son

Please see the police report below:

Good Day General: Information positive at House no. 6367 Masia street, Tsakane.

Body exhumed by search and rescue WO Naidoo and team. The corpse of 16 year old, Neo Mahlangu residing at Daveyton.

Who visited the aunt by then in Tsakane were she was killed was found. The aunt who reported the deceased as missing with Tsakane enquiry 16/03/2022 .

The aunt/ complainant/ now suspect namely: Ms Andile Aalivirah Mthembu born 1985/12/21 has been arrested for murder together with her 14 year old son who assisted mom in beating the late Neo Mahlangu and burying the body.

The suspect also hired people to dig the hole with the pretense that she will put a water Jojo. She paid the hired people but the Jojo was never bought.

The hole was used for the corpse. The 14 year old son notified the uncle in KZN about the incident.

All role players were called: OCI members/ District Detective/ Tsakane station Commander/ Detective Commander / Communication/ Mortuary / EMS/ K9/ LCRC. Tsakane CAS /04/2022. With thx Col Makuwa

Neighbours told the Sowetan newspaper that Andile was a private person who always keo to herself.

Another neighbor said she believes Andile has an aggressive nature as she always heard her shouting at people on the phone.

Neo Mahlangu was killed at this house in Tsakane, his aunt, Andile Aalivirah Mthembu kept his corpse for over a week.