MacG’s wife is called Naledi Monamodi.

She recently came to her hubby’s defense on her You Tube Channel.

Joining the #HandsOffMacG squad, Naledi told all the celebrities and people who do not like her man to stop consuming his content.

Naledi is a well-known YouTuber.


Her channel is called Toast with Naledi and she has over 50 000 subscribers.

She vlogs about her beauty, travel, reality TV and her personal life although she does not mention MacG by name.

Naledi and MacG are parents, they have a son named Ziggy.

The family of three regularly go on family vacations together.

She works in PR, and according to Naledi’s LinkedIn page, she works as a freelance in public relations.

She studied at the University of Johannesburg.

Naledi and MacG own a Gin.

They both advertised their gin ‘Grandeur Gin’ on their social media accounts.

It’s unclear if the couple co-own the brand.

Like all couples, MacG and Naledi have had their share of ups and downs.

Naledi has many “story time” YouTube videos on her channel documenting her roller coaster relationship history.