Polygamist Musa Mseleku has been clear about his ambitions of marrying a fifth wife. He revealed to his first wife MaCele that he was already seeing a woman from the Khumalo clan.

Mseleku’s third wife Thobile MaKhumalo described her husband’s intentions as abnormal. MaKhumalo feels disrespected by her husband.

She revealed that she supports Musa Mseleku’s polygamous marriage however she was not expecting him to marry her relative. MaKhumalo made it known that the new wife will not be bearing children for her.

MaKhumalo added that Musa Mseleku and her are still trying to have children. She said they haven’t exhausted all options thus they will keep trying until they have their own children.


She went on to say Musa Mseleku must act quickly and marry the fifth wife so that they have stability in the house.

Musa Mseleku revealed that his intentions of marrying a woman from the Khumalo clan was to ensure that MaKhumalo’s surname does not perish.

Mseleku’s second wife MaYeni and fourth wife MaNgwabe threatened before that they will leave if Mseleku married a fifth wife.