DJ Zinhle’s The Unexpected which focuses on her private life has once again managed to stir up a conversation.

This time her children are being put on the spotlight.

On the latest episode, Zinhle revealed that her baby daddy AKA, is willing to be a part of Asante’s life and she was all for it.

However, Asante’s dad, Murdah Bongz, is taking baby steps in making sure this whole blended family situation comes to pass.


On last Saturday’s episode of the BET Africa reality show, The Era By DJ Zinhle founder made a startling revelation that she announced her pregnancy to AKA who expressed joy and eagerness to meet and be a part of Asante’s life.

Seeing how Murdah is also involved in Kairo’s life, it only makes sense for AKA to also have some sort of relationship with Asante.

According to Zinhle, AKA said he feels just because he has a child with Zinhle, it feels like Asante is his child too.

Fans have been commenting on the relationship on Twitter.