The 26 year old Soweto man who was arrested this week by police had kept his ex-girlfriend’s body parts in a deep freezer for at least a month.

The body parts were discovered by his new girlfriend who was looking for food in the fridge. The new girlfriend is a student at the University of Johannesburg and met the man on Facebook. She visited the man for the first time on the day she discovered the body parts.

The unnamed man even wrote his MBA exams in the room on Friday!

According to the Sowetan newspaper, the man is an evaluator for a big insurance company and lived in a bachelor flat at the back of the property of a police Investigator.

The house in Soweto   Protea Glen, where a 26 year old MBA student killed his girlfriend and kept her body parts in the freezer for over three months.

He has reportedly confessed to a friend that he killed his ex girlfriend, who used to live with him at the property.

The landlord told the newspaper that he has not seen the old girlfriend for a month and they were surprised to see the man coming in with a lot of different women in recent weeks.

Please read the full story in today’s Sowetan, Daily Sun and The Times newspapers – 15 November 2021.