Media personality Tbo Touch is not entirely happy with the outcomes of his interview with MacG. He was the latest guest on Podcast and Chill with MacG.

Tbo Touch revealed that his interview was censored and edited. Below is what he wrote on his Twitter account.

Sports broadcaster Robert Marawa also revealed that his interview was censored by Channel O.


When Channel O announced that Podcast and Chill with MacG was joining its family, the channel promised honest and raw conversations.

Podcast and Chill’s network released a statement yesterday stating that Tbo Touch’s interview has fallen victim to memory card data corruption.

They said some parts of the interview had been irretrievably lost. The interview has been trending on social media since its premiere on YouTube.

Tbo Touch spoke about his American accent, his Metro FM experiences and his life in the United States. He said his High school experiences forced him to adopt the accent.