Sunday Times reports that dozens of flamboyant Nigerian Black Axe gang members are on the run after the arrest of Yahoo Boys leaders on Monday.

Over 160 officers from the FBI, US Secret Service, Hawks, Crime intelligence, K9, Metro Police were involved in the operation that involved raids in houses in Cape Town.

The arrested gang members were involved in scamming over 100  USA widows and divorcees of at least R100 million through love scams.

A South African widow reportedly released R100 000 to a Nigerian she met online, who was using a fake identity.


The arrested gang members were linked to Hydro Lounge nightclub owner, Abdul Olatunji, who was arrested with Boity Thulo ‘s Nigerian boyfriend who was arrested in 2019. 

They include Perry Osagiede (52), Enorense Izevbigie (45), Osariemen Eric Clement (35), Collins Owhafasa Otughwor (37), Musa Mudashiru (33) and leader of the council of elders Franklin Edosa Osagiede (37).

Investigators noted that the South African Black Axe has been in touch with Ramon Abbas (Ray Hushpuppi), who is in a USA jail after being arrested in Dubai.

USA investigators have sealed details of the Nigerians being probed as investigations are under way.

The Nigerian love scammers sit in front of a computer with a script and work in shifts working on various scams.

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday Times newspaper – 24 October 2021.