Outspoken billionaire, Rob Hersov has called for the Western Cape to be an independent country.

Rob said this is possible because South Africa is a signatory to many international laws that would allow the Western Cape to hold a referendum and become and independent country with Afrikaans as the main language.

Hersov said the Western Cape, KZN could be separate countries. He said Nigeria is a mish mash and could easily be many countries.

He said the map of Africa could change as some countries are too small and could be combined to make one country.


Hersov said the JSE will soon become the main stock exchange for mining and manufacturing, while the Western Cape Stock Exchange will become the main exchange for the faster growing companies.

He said most of his money is overseas as he believes South Africa is too risk. Hersov said most of the big businesses are not fighting for the rights of ordinary people.

He said the DA fights for the rights of ordinary people. However, he said they are not supporting Cape Independence because they are trying to save South Africa.

He said if South Africa goes independent, South Africa will go down. He said the ANC have no idea how to run a municipal, province or government.

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