Nasty C is getting bigger by the day.

The South African rapper is quickly becoming a household name in the States as his music reaches new markets.

However, the more popular he gets, the higher the chances of people trying to emulate his success or even steal his rhymes.

Nasty C seems to have impressed an American rapper with his punchline.


An American rapper named Crooked has been accused of stealing a punchline from Nasty C’s freestyle on Sway from back in 2017.

The said line is: 50 Cent shares throwback of himself at 15 years old, reflects on life’s ride “My girl got a Khaled album body, nice features.”

In a song released three years later, in 2020, Crooked said: “Baby like a Khaled album, she got the right features.” Is it a coincidence? You make your own conclusion.