Thabo is currently married to Zanele Mbeki whom he settled down with on November 23rd, 1974.

However, they have no children together.

Thabo Mbeki’s children consist of just his son, Monwabise Kwanda, whom he had with Olive Mpahlwa when he was only sixteen years of age.

Olive ran of with Thabo’s youngest brother, Jama in 1981.


Mbeki acknowledged that poverty was the main factor propelling the prevalence of AIDS in South Africa.

However, he failed to accept that the cause of the disease is HIV.

This saw him make several poor choices that costed numerous South Africans their lives as he chose to focus on combating poverty in a bid to lower cases of AIDS.

Thabo also failed to introduce a nationwide treatment programme that included antiretroviral medication for AIDS as well as to curb the transmission of HIV from mothers to their unborn babies.

With this, South African citizens said thus the reason why he failed to have many children.