Nasty C announced a potential project release in March 2021.

He has proven hard work pays off as he’s been consistent with his music releases. The award winning rapper also recently dropped the music video for his track Black and White featuring Ari Lennox.

In a recent IG Live with American radio DJ Justin Credible, the two caught up on his birthday plans, Justin even congratulated Nasty on on his music video release with Ari Lennox.

The Radio DJ then asked Nasty C how he’s been. Nasty replied “Oh, I’ve been good man, been working on this new album”. Nasty continued saying that the album is complete and that him and his team are currently just short listing tracks to be on the album.


He mentioned that because he likes every track they could end up with about 20 tracks on the album, and then his team would cut the list shorter.

When asked when he plans to drop the new project, Nasty replied that he should drop it in mid-March or toward the end of March. He also added that should the project not drop, he’d release a few singles.

This new project will come after his 2020 release Zulu Man With Some Power that had a stellar list of features and was well received by fans. The Bookoo Bucks rapper released Zulu Man With Some Power in August 2020.