As more information continues to surface about the mysterious accident that killed Botswana rapper, Sasa Klaas ( Sarona Motlhagodi), many have began to question the official version presented by Botswana government.

Speculation has began to rise that the young rapper could have been murdered.

According to anonymous sources, Sarona was flown to  Xumabee Game Ranch by Leonard Matenje, a Diretor at Air Technology Services.

Matenje is also the treasurer at the Professional Hunters Association and the Botswana Wildlife Producers Association.


Matenje, who is widely reported to be a multi millionaire, has been identified on social media as the owner of Xumabee Game Ranch since April 2020.

Internet searches on Matenje reveal that he is involved in various transport, wildlife and real estate businesses.

Matenje is also linked to the Hillside View Estate in Gaborone.

An written account on social media claims that although the pilot was unhurt after the crash that claimed Sarona’s life, he did not call the police immediately after the accident.

Instead, a cousin who is a journalist by profession, was the first on the scene.

No photographs of the accident have been released, a strange occurrence given that there was a journalist on the scene.

The owner of the helicopter did not leave his farm after the accident.

According to the anonymous account:

The fatal accident apparently occurred on 05/03/2021 at 19:00 hours and reported on 06 /03/2021 at 02:00hrs. The reporter, a Motswana male aged 39 years of Block 8 Location, Gaborone alleged that on 05/03/2021 his cousin, a Motswana male of the above address other particulars unknown flew in his Aircraft from Gaborone to his farm Xumabee Game Ranch accompanied by his girlfriend, a Motswana other particulars unknown.

The reporter further alleged that he also drove to the same farm where he was to meet the couple. On arrival at the farm he met the Herdboy of the farm owner who informed him that he suspected that his master’s aircraft had crashed around the farm. They started searching it around the farm and found it having crashed some kilometers away from the farm house and the two having sustained injuries as follows; the passenger had a fractured left thigh while the pilot had scratches on the head and on the face.

The matter was reported to the Police who attended to the scene and transported the injured passenger to Sojwe Clinic where she was certified dead by a Medical Doctor while the Pilot remained at his farm. Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana (CAAB) personnel have been informed to assist with investigations to establish cause of the crash. The corpse is kept at Scottish Livingstone Hospital mortuary awaiting post mortem. Investigations continue.”

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