The South Africa Military is being sued for R535 000 by two brothers, Thabo and Mandla Mahlaba, after they were badly beaten by soldiers at a roadblock in KZN.

The two brothers said they were travelling from Johannesburg on August 29, 2020 when they were stopped at a roadblock just outside Esikhawini township in Richard’s Bay.

Soldiers suddenly appeared from the bushes into the road, flashing lights and shouting instructions.

After stopping, the brothers said the soldiers refused to believe that were coming from Johannesburg and started swearing at them and beating them.


Thabo is demanding R3000 for past medical expenses, R80 000 for future medical expenses, R150 000 for general damages and R100 000 for constitutional damages.

Mandla is demanding R3000 for past medical expenses, R20 000 for future medical expenses and R100 000 for pain and suffering and disability and R80 000 for constitutional damages.

The brothers says attempts to complain to the Military Ombudsman ‘s office have been unsuccessful.

Please read the full story in today’s The Star Newspaper – 3 March 2021.