Ayanda Ncwane finally met Nothile the daughter of Sfiso Ncwane and Nonku Williams.

She revealed that she usually visits Sfiso’s grave with the boys  on his birthday and the 5th of December which is the day he passed.

Ayanda said it’s important for her to meet Nothile in a proper way so that she would sit with her and talk to her about who her father was, not the one she reads about on newspapers.

Ayanda and her two sons finally met Nonku and Nothile and Ayanda was brought to shock when she met her husband’s daughter.


She became emotional when she saw her feet, hands, eyes and heard her voice because she resembles the late gospel star Sfiso Ncwane so so much.

Ayanda Ncwane said she thought that she was just going to meet anorher girl who is Sfiso’s child but ended up meeting a little Sfiso.

On the other hand Nonku Williams said she and her daughter Nothile were robbed of a proper closure of the late Sfiso and that she still has unresolved feelings and emotions.

She revealed that she watched Sfiso Ncwane’s funeral in secret since she was married thus the businesswoman feels like she sacrificed alongside her daughter.