The Malawi police stopped the Bushiris at Kamuzu International Airport from leaving the country for Kenya.

Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary were stopped together with their two daughters in company of another family member Esther Bushiri.

The fugitives were barred from boarding a private jet. Bushiri confirmed that his family was indeed stopped from flying out of the country.

Bushiri claimed that one of his daughters requires medical attention in Kenya hence the trip.


The prophet is wanted together with his wife by the South African government to answer fraud, money laundering and corruption charges.

The couple is maintaining their innocence but they escaped South Africa soon after being granted bail, causing a diplomatic glitch between South Africa and Malawi.

In Malawi the couple is fighting an extradition after a formal request was made by the South African government to Malawi. Hearing of the extradition is on 6 March 2021.