The actress Makgofe Moagi Brought to light the argument of religion and cultural choices, and asked her fans about their thoughts.

She posted on her status saying that” Guys, If you don’t believe in traditional and cultural things, Please do them so that your kids don’t struggle later in life.

If you believe in a snake giving someone an apple, what’s hard to believe in people being spoken to via dreams.”

One fan reused to be taken astray from her beliefs, and refused to introduce her children to what she does not believe in.


She posted a tweep saying that ” No thanks, and it ends there. My kids should be left out of this, finish!” she said.

Makgofe replied and said that that’s where you are wrong, It’s not up to you.

“When things must Shuba, they will cause havoc. I hope and pray that part of your prayer as a parent is that your children don’t get Punished for our sins or ignorance because it is. his life is not fair” she said.

Other followers where saying that one should believe in what they are anticipating to believe.