Moja Love has been praised for being a 100% black owned television channel, owned by a 100% black owned media company, Siyaya Media Network.

It also caters for the black community to some extent with some raunchy and controversial content, but also a handful of educational shows too.

However, a Twitter user by the name of Aviwe Brandon lambasted the channel saying that one of their employees sexually harassed a friend of his who went for a gig interview.

He said the man asked the shortlisted candidate if she was willing to take some risks.


Even after declining the offer, the man pushes his luck by asking her for nudes.

Many flooded his comments section enraged and disgusted by such behaviour.

Moja Love responded saying the man is not an employee but they will further investigate the matter further.

“We are in the process of identifying and taking action against this person who is a scammer and does not work for the channel. We call upon Moja LOVERS to report such matters by sending an email to [email protected].”