Moshidi Motshegwa used to play the role of Malefu, the mother of Tumi played by Larona Moagi on 1Magic telenovela The River.

The legendary actress Moshidi Motshegwa recently spoke to a local publication about her strained relationship with her on-screen daughter Larona Moagi.

The actress said it was very difficult to work with Larona. She also said people from Instagram must not be cast as main actors but supporting actors.

She added that she spoke with the producers that Larona was struggling because she is not an actress therefore her role was too big for her.


“I had a disagreement with Gwydion, one of the executive producers. He reprimanded me and told me that I was being ‘cruel’ and I needed to stop. One of the younger actresses had complained that she can’t act with me because I am being cruel to her. I proceeded to ask what I had done and he couldn’t say, so I left the meeting and went home, she said.

According to the article it was reported that Moshidi also didn’t deem the writers’ skills as on par.

Various sources revealed that Moshidi would straight out call writers for their bad writing skills and would bluntly shout at Larona saying she can not act.

Apparently the off screen drama got so bad to the point that Larona’s parents wanted to come to The River’ set to confront Moshidi.