South African medical professionals are puzzled and can not explain why there has been a surge in excess deaths (natural deaths above normal patterns).

The Star Newspaper reports that the weekly  report on death which was supposed to be released yesterday has not yet been made public by last night.

Between December 30 and January 5, the excess deaths were 10 907, or 50% higher than usual, out of a total of 21 000 deaths during that week.

Experts believe the Health Ministry and Public hospitals are under-counting the number of people dying of covid-19. There is a possibility that more people are dying at home.


A Wits Professor told the newspaper that it’s not only that the number of deaths are being under-counted, but that the infection rate is also underestimated.

Prof Alex Van Den Heever said the total infections in South Africa, which are currently estimated to be 1.3 Million, are actually 3 Million.

Please read the full story in today’s Sartuday Star – 23 January 2020.