A Pretoria man, Naas Le Roux, who was arrested for driving to a hospital pharmacy to buy baby formula during the curfew, says he will be suing the police.

Le Roux’s wife,  Natasha, said she gave birth on 6 January.

During the night, at 1am, the newborn baby refused to breastfeed and Le Roux decided to drive to Unitas Hospital pharmacy to buy baby formula.


On his return,  police stopped him, about 200m from his home, and arrested him.

Le Roux says the police accused him of breaking the curfew and did not want to look at the baby formula and receipts that he was carrying.

Natasha was forced to walk to where the altercation was taking place and had to drive Le Roux ‘s car home while he was taken away to the police station.

Please watch the video above this post to see a recording of the incident.