South African actress Zenande Mfenyana has shared that she is trying to lose weight.

The media personality has been finding it difficult to do so because of her bosses, the Fergusons.

Taking to social media, Zenande begged the Fergusons to stop feeding them so much.

Zenande posted: “Not our breakfast pack at work having amagwinya, have mercy @Ferguson_Films we trying to shed some kilos hle…fire fire fire.”


It seems Connie and Shona want to make sure their staff are nice and fed.
However, social media users were amused by her plight.

Twitter user Slindysosibo said: Boity Thulo mourns loss of family doctor and friend “Eish hardships of being a woman , a breastfeeding one at that & trying to lose weight, kuzalunga babes.”

Asa_asanele said: “That time une six pack yena la sisi… Hay ningavumi.”