Samkelo Ndlovu recently dragged Moozlie before calling her over for a hot slap on Instagram and even levelling her to a 12 to 13 size.

One of Moozlie’s tracks is carefully dedicated to dissing rapper Boity Thulo who is also a businesswoman.

‘Nasty gave her a plaque and now you talking smack.. Come on Bash, we know each other better than that..’

‘Y’all may be hot but boy you know that yo shit ain’t perfect… You know I’m friends with everyone that writes her verses’.


These were some of the lines directed to Boity. Boity has always been open about how Nasty C writes for her and thanks him publicly.

Boity is musically managed and represented by Bash, therefore thus what confirms that the diss is pointed at Boity Thulo.

On the other hand Boity stated that some people amuse her because they diss her in a track but contrary in person.

Fans are not impressed and therefore are pressuring Boity to hit back at Moozlie who could not defend herself from Samkelo.