Ayanda Thabethe is a well known South African actress, television presenter, entrepreneur and model.

She was the presenter for the television show Thando Bares All on Channel TLC. She is also Nivea’s first brand ambassador in Africa.

She appeared on the Hustlers Corner SA which is hosted by Dj Sbu to talk about her upbringing, Rockville, Connie Ferguson, Top Billing and more.

Key Points from the interview 

  1. Ayanda Thabethe says her siblings are only girls because there are five girls in her family.
  2. Her mum and dad separated when she was very young.
  3. She grew up in Umlazi and KwaMashu, Durban.
  4. She graduated from University of Pretoria with a BCom in Marketing. She proceeded to UNISA where she acquired her Honours degree in Marketing.
  5. After graduating, she worked as a PA for three months.
  6. She then got a job as a Marketing intern at Johnson and Johnson. She later moved on to be a Sales representative in the organisation.
  7. By the age of 28 she left Johnson and Johnson and she became a brand manager at Loreal.
  8. During her breaks she would go to casting auditions where she would be given slots to appear on mini tv commercials.
  9. She did features until Connie Ferguson called her and told her that she was starting season 1 of Rockville and she would love to have her on the show.
  10. Ayanda says she declined the offer because of her job.
  11. In 2015, she left her job and called Connie Ferguson and fortunately for her she was offered a role on Season 4 of Rockville.
  12. She was then called by BET for auditions for their upcoming show. She got the job alongside Nandi Madida.
  13. Ayanda Thabethe says while at BET she called Top Billing and they called her for an interview.
  14. She succeeded in securing the job as the new face of the show.
  15. Ayanda manages herself therefore her team is only made up of her attorney.
  16. She said she loves reading the Bible and some of Oprah  Winfrey’s books.
  17. She is working on a project called ‘A beautiful mind’ whose goal is to empower women and young people.
  18. She says she will only date someone who is a hard worker like her because that person will always understand her.
  19. Ayanda said it’s not her beauty that has made her succeed in life.