Popular muscian and idols SA judge, ProVerb (TebogoThekisho), revealed in his new book, Book of Proverb,  how he attempted suicide after his marriage of 10 years failed.

ProVerb With His Ex Wife Onalerona

ProVerb revealed that he became aware that his wife had cheated on him when a journalist called to ask him about her trip with prominent businessman,  Edwin Sodi.

Edwin Sodi

ProVerb and his ex wife Onalerona  had gone for counseling after a brief separation, but eventually decided to divorce.

ProVerb revealed in his book that the decision to divorce left him with a deep sense of failure as he didn’t want to see his wife  and children leave and start a new life without him.

One Friday night in 2015,  ProVerb says he stopped at three pharmacies and bought strong painkillers at all of them.

He them got home and hugged his estranged wife, went into the patio and locked all doors.

He says he swallowed all the pills with a bottle of wine.

Luckily for him, he survived after his brother found him and took him to hospital.

ProVerb says he is human like anyone else and his suicide attempt was his moment of weakness , of cowardice…

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday Times – 11 October 2020