As the date for Phelo’s tell all approaches, Moshe’s fans attack Phelo with cyberbullying. Tweeps are convinced that Moshe Ndiki made Phelo Bala.

Fans are saying Phelo was ungrateful for trying to tarnish Moshe Ndiki’s name. All this fiasco led to a Twitter war as Phelo’s fans jumped to his defence refusing to have his work discredited.

One tweep even mentioned that Phelo Bala was part of the Bala brothers aswell as part of the Joyous Celebration.

The truth is that Phelo had already established his career when Moshe made his debut in the entertainment industry thus discrediting Phelo’s work will not be fair at all.

Phelo posted pictures of himself and another gentleman believed to be his new boyfriend. Fans bashed him saying he was just using Moshe for fame.