The Sowetan reports that a Joburg man, Veli Dlamini, says he lost everything after Somizi stole his idea for a dance fitness DVD titled Kwaitone Dance Fitness.

Dlamini said he had an agreement with Somizi and they did work together on the project starting in 2012.

Dlamini says he spent R100 000 on flights, production costs, graphic design, catering and a university study before Somizi disappeared and blocked him on whatsapp.


Dlamini said he became depressed when he realised that Somizi had produced his own dance fitness DVD with the same concept under a different name, Grind with Somizi.

As a result the bank repossessed his car and Dlamini said he only recovered from depression in 2017.

When contacted by the Sowetan, Somizi responded with a four letter swear word.

Please read the full story in the Sowetan – 18 September 2020