Idols SA judges have received so many accusations including not giving constructive criticism but only laughing at the contestants.

Now they are being accused of being biased towards certain tribes, particularly Zulu and Xhosa contestants. Fans are disappointed and Mzansi Twitter is outraged at the judges.

Unathi is Xhosa and Somizi is Zulu. The two are the ones being accused of search for fellow Zulu and Xhosa contestants which they favour.

A Venda contestant Matevhu was recently eliminated and Mzansi is not happy about it.  Fans are also not happy with the revealed top 16 selected by the judges.

Tweeps are saying many talented contestants were let go for silly reasons. Tweeps thus are calling for the fall of Idols SA judges. The judges have been labelled as tribalists.

Mutevhu is not letting the elimination bring her spirit down as she has announced that she will be releasing her new single titled ‘Soul Mate’.