Norma Gigaba’s arrest was an arranged way to bully her and delete specific information from her electronic devices, she said in court.

Norma was arrested in July after allegedly damaging a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon that was being driven by her husband.

There was also an allegation that she had sent an insulting text message to Peterson Khanyisani Siyaya saying he was HIV positive.

However, Norma said all this was just a scheme to intimidate her, to bully her and ultimately to gain unlawful access to her gadgets, to delete specific information and to violate her privacy.


Norma also said that days before she was arrested the Hawks came to her house and took all her electronic gadgets.
They said it was because of the text message she had sent to Siyaya.

But when she voluntarily offered them the phone that included that particular message, they insisted that they wanted all her electronic equipment.

When the gadgets were returned some information contained in them was no longer available.