The parents of the late young comedian Ndlovu Wasebhayi have revealed that his cause of death was an evil brown snake.

Ndlovu, whose real name was Sinothando Hlulani, died in hospital over the weekend following a long illness.

The artist and entertainer was affectionally known as uNdlovu wayigeqeza or UNdlovu waseBhayi.

He became popular with his hit song Pokolina and his debut album, Kubo.


A family member said he fell sick about four months ago and started to suffer from a kind of epilepsy.

It was also revealed that a snake was found in Ndlovu’s blankets when they were changing his bed and his father Siyathemba Nombombo managed to kill it.

His mother said when the snake was being killed, Ndlovu released a thick, brown and shiny substance and struggled to breathe.