Popular radio presenter Lerato Kganyago spoke on her YouTube Channel this week and revealed that she is now doing radio from home. She says she misses being in studio and controlling the buttons but N_aked DJ is doing a great job.

She revealed that he parents tested positive for coronavirus but have all recovered. She revealed that he mother is a health worker.

Below is the list of things that she finds weird.

  1. She ordered a lot of food from Uber the Eats appĀ  from Simply Asia and was shocked to see how small the food was when it was delivered.
  2. Lerato says she loves Sushi but she can’t use chopsticks even after 10 years of trying.
  3. Armex couriers always loses her online shopping whenever they arw supposed to deliver to her!
  4. Lerato says she does not understand people who get offended when they are blocked on social media. She says people should not hold a grudge when they are blocked. Lerato says she blocks anyone who brings negative energy in her life.
  5. Lerato says she she uses the flight_radar app on her phone and is surprised at the big number of private jets flying around Africa during lock-down. However, she says she is amazed at the millions of flights in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Please watch the video by Lerato above this post.