Last week a video went viral where Zodwa Wabantu said she went to consult a Sangoma so that she could sort her ex boyfriend Vusi Buthelezi the traditional way.

Days later a picture of injured Vusi started circulating on social media. He was standing next to musician Zuluboy.

Vusi had a bundage on his right knee and this has led to many people on social media saying Zodwa’ s Sangoma did a good job.

One social media user said this must be a strong Sangoma because barely a week after Zodwa’s announcement, Vusi was injured.


However, Vusi denied that he was injured on his leg. He said the picture was taken when they were doing a shoot for Zuluboy’s project.

Vusi Buthelezi also also said that he knew about Zodwa going to a Sangoma. He revealed that he does not use ‘muthi’ but he believes it existed.

He concluded by saying he was not threatened by Zodwa as the matter was in the court.