Jabulani Tsambo aka HHP’s widow Lerato Sengadi faced backlash when her husband HHP died. HHP was a hip hop and rap artist. Lerato is publicly known as a publicist and HHP’s widow.

In 2017 Dumi Masilela was killed in an attempted hijacking that left his newly wed wife Simphiwe Ngema a widow. Simphiwe recently announced her pregnancy but some people are not happy for her.

Some said she is disrespecting her late husband while some said she moved on too fast to find love and to get pregnant.

Lerato Sengadi who understands the position that Simphiwe is in came out all fuming attacking every negative word that was meant to break Simphiwe’s happiness.


Lerato wrote,” They will never know. They will never understand and they will never even comprehend what it takes to open ones heart again to even consider love.”

She added,” Clearly as a widow one don’t deserve happiness or to rebuild. Just pain and grief! Shm! People are disgusting.”

She then poured her heart wishing Simphiwe forever happiness in her journey. She praised God and said Simphiwe was going to be an amazing mom.