Sarafina star and Imbewu : The Seed actress Leleti Khumalo was beaten to a pulp after she was caught dating a married man Mbongeni Ngema.

The shocking news was revealed by Ngema’s ex wife Xoliswa Ngema in her memo titled, ‘Heart Of A Strong Woman’, which is supposed to be released before the end of this week.

Xoliswa said her mother warned her about Leleti and Mbongeni’s relationship. The two were working together, shooting Sarafina.

Xoliswa also added that her mother told her that Leleti Khumalo would sit on Mbongeni’s lap and they would make jokes and hug each other in front of her. That’s when Xoliswa decided to take Leleti back to her parents house.


After gathering all the evidence Xoliswa found out that everybody knew about the affair. She ambushed Leleti Khumalo in a hotel room, she said.

“I beat her but I was careful not to hit her on her face. I also did not want to beat her on her legs. She had to go on stage and perform the following day so with my stick I concentrated on her body.”

Xoliswa added,” She screamed crying for mercy, crying for help, there was no mercy for me. I beat her until she was silent.”

She also revealed that when Mbongeni Ngema arrived, he intervened shielding Leleti and instead started to beat her with the stick she had used on Khumalo. After this Xoliswa decided to end the marriage.