Retrenchments at South African Radio Station Kaya FM have opened a can of worms after an anonymous letter alleging senior management miscounduct was posted on social media. The letter alleges that retrenchments became neccessary only because the CEO, FD and CMO were involved in acts that resulted in losses at the station.

The anonymous letter alleged that Greg Moloka and Brenda Modibane’s Affair Created a Toxic Environment

Kaya FM boss, Greg Maloka, hasĀ  as a result, taken voluntary leave, over various allegations that include se_xual harrassment of four female staff members.

An anonymous letter was shared on twitter that detailed his alleged actions of misconduct and reached the owners of the station, Thebe Investment Corporation.


The Kaya FM board confirmed receipt of the letter in a letter that was also shared on social media.

The letter stated that investigations are currently underway into the various allegations.

Some of the most serious allegations include the following :

  • Harassment Allegations were reported to HR but were swept under the carpet
  • Victimization of staff members that resisted Maloka’ s advances
  • A love affair between Moloka and his Chief Marketing Officer Brenda Modibane Created a Toxic environment due to the favoritism that followed.

The anonymous letter concluded by asking the board to remove the senior management team.