Norma Gigaba’s friends told You Magazine that Norma blew up when she was told that her husband Malusi Gigaba had brought a girlfriend to spend the night at their home when she was away in Durban.

In anger Norma Gigaba then damaged a Mercedes Benz G63 Wagon which was parked in their garage thinking it belonged to the side chick.

However she later found out that the G Wagon belonged to Malusi Gigaba’s friend but the damage had already been done.

You Magazine revealed that Malusi Gigaba’s cheating was now out of hand such that friends advised Norma Gigaba to leave the former Finance Minister.

On his part Malusi Gigaba blamed his cheating on Norma’s constant travelling. Despite spending the night behind bars, Norma has not filed for a divorce, she is living with Gigaba under the same roof.