A South African man, Emile Cilliers (39), who is employed by the British Army, tried to kill his wife, Victoria’s Cilliers, at least twice.

Murder Attempts

In 2015, Emile tried to kill Victoria after sabotaging her main and her reserve parachutes.

She survived a 4000m Plunge to the ground. Investigations revealed that Emile had taken her parachute into the bathroom and tampared with it.


Two weeks before Victoria ‘s fall, Emile had attempted to kill her and the children by tampering with the gas stove in the house.


His wife, Victoria, who also works for the British Army, could not believe that Emile was capable of murder and refused to cooperate with investigators for over 2 years.


Emile was cheating with multiple WOMEN during the time he was married to Victoria Cilliers (36) , with whom he had 2 children.

Investigators obtained evidence that Emile had been cheating with the following women:

– His ex wife who lived a few kilometers from his home

– His former SA Fiancee – Nicolene Shepherd (36) with whom he had 2 kids

– Women from an adult site

– Many partners from a wife exchanging club

– A woman that he was planning to marry and start a new life with.


– Emile had taken out a life insurance policy of 120 000 pounds at his work that also covered Victoria.

– Emile was struggling financially with debts over 22 000 pounds

– Emile was planning to move with his new girlfriend after Victoria died.


2011 – Emile moves to the UK from South Africa

2011 – Emile marries his first wife in the UK

2015 – Emile marries Victoria. He continues to date all three women at the same time.

2015 – Victoria Falls into a field after her parachutes fail to open

2015 – Emile Is arrested for attempted murder after Victoria ‘s fall. The case drags on as Victoria is not fully cooperative.

2018 – Emile is sentenced to 18 years in prison for the attempted murder.

6 August 2020 – Victoria set to release her book – I survived.

Early years 

Emile went to school at Hoerskool Ermelo in Mpumalanga. He Impregnated Nicolene when she was 16 and he was 20.