While many people love to watch Uyajola 9/9 there is absolutely no one who wish to see themselves on the show. The show hosted by Jub Jub is one of the most watched shows in South Africa.

Many people seek help from Uyajola 9/9 to bust their cheating partners. Some have applauded Jub Jub for exposing cheaters while some have blamed him for ruining people’s relationships and are not impressed.

On the recent episode aired on MojaLove the cheating man made a scene as he tried to fight Jub Jub and his body guards.

The man also told Jub Jub That life was good when Jub Jub was behind prison bars. He said that they cheated in peace when Jub Jub was in jail.

The cheating man did not bother apologising to his girlfriend of two years and he took off with his new found love.