Rapper Priddy Ugly and his wife choreographer Bontle Modiselle finally shared a video of their baby girl Afrika.

This is the first time the couple has introduced their baby to the public by showing her whole appearance including her face.

The couple  welcomed their bundle of joy late last year and they named her Afrika Bonita Lerato Moloi.

They previously shared pictures of Afrika on their respective social media accounts but still keep her face hidden from view.


Priddy Ugly and Bontle uploaded a video of their baby girl on their shared YouTube channel Ha Moloi.

The couple also revealed that they managed to beat Covid-19.  Bontle experienced chest pains, a blocked nose and  uncomfortable flu symptoms. She also lost her sense of taste and smell for a long time.

Their daughter also experienced mild flu and Priddy Ugly also experienced some Covid-19 symptoms. However they managed to beat the virus by taking medication and using home made remedies.