Actress and singer Tumi Masemola recently made an error of adding a picture of Candy Tsamandebele on a college of dead people and tweeted condolences to their respective families.

The college had a picture of Mary Twala, Zindzi Mandela, Lee and Candy Tsamandebele.

She tweeted, ” my heart is broken.  I am not one to regularly post those who have passed.  To me it is like glorifying death but this morning I will publicly mourn women who continue to inspire in my everyday.

She continued, ” may your souls rest in love. My deepest condolences to their families”.


Tweeps were shocked as this was the first time hearing of Tsamandebele’s death. Hours later she deleted the tweet and apologised.

” My sincere apologies for my grave error. I am embarrassed and I wish I could dig a hole.  Lentshwareleng for posting incorrect image. Tsamandebele is very much alive.”

Tumi wanted to post the late actress Candy Moloi instead. Candy came out saying she is alive and that the post left her stressed.